Suggestions To Protect Your WordPress Website

Most experts stress the importance of backing up your site in the event that it is lost. Some people use the default WordPress login “admin” which give hackers easy entrance to your site. Make it as difficult as possible for hackers to guess your username. By deleting the default admin and creating a custom login, you are adding a strong level of protection to your website.

Hackers are not stupid. Often it is easy for them to guess passwords. If you include numbers, symbols, and letters, you are making it virtually impossible for hackers to enter your site by using brute force.

Make sure your theme is updated to the latest version. WordPress creates patches to repair security holes. It is also important to update plugins to the latest version to keep your site running smoothly. There are several WordPress plugins that are helpful in preventing hackers from entering your site. It is well worth your time to check them out. Unfortunately, many people do not think about WordPress website security until they are hacked. This excellent WordPress Malware removal service will remove the malicious files and return your site free of all infestation, and build a strong firewall to prevent future attacks.